Welcome to the Metabolomics and Systems Biology Group


The Metabolomics and Systems Biology (MSB) group is led by Sakda Khoomrung. The lab aims to develop and apply tools in metabolomics and systems biology to achieve comprehensive understanding of cellular metabolism and diseases. Our research interest combines wet chemistry of old, with state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, NMR, and the development of novel bioinformatic tools to perform quantitative biology. Our research activities fall in four categories: Technology development for MSB research (LC-MS, GC-MS, NMR and bioinformatic tools i.e. Deep learning and Machine learning), Systems and Synthetic biology of natural product and medicinal chemistry, Diet and Health (metabolomics and microbiome), and Precision Medicine (vaccine research, CKD and etc.).

The MSB group is part of Siriraj Metabolomics and Phenomics Center (SiMPC) and the Department of Biochemistry , Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital , Mahidol University .


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